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Book a Study Room

Study Rooms:

  • Twelve rooms are located on the first floor and include chair(s), table(s), and whiteboard. One larger room includes a computer and media equipment.
  • Six rooms are located on the second floor of the library and include chair(s), table(s), whiteboard, computer, and media equipment.
  • Wireless keyboard/mouse, white board markers, and erasers are available for checkout.

Check out Process:

  • Checked out by currently registered students with a Citrus College Photo ID.
  • Checked out on a first-come first-served basis.
  • All rooms have a one-hour time limit for use with renewal for an additional hour at the discretion of library faculty or staff.
  • Checked out by an individual student or groups of two or more students but not to exceed six students in a group.
  • The person whose photo identification is used to check out the room must retain the room key and may not transfer it to another student.
  • For group check out, the person whose photo identification is used to check out the room must remain at all times while the room is in use; otherwise, the entire group will be asked to leave.

Hayden Memorial Library Study Room Guidelines

  • Study rooms are for studying and academic purposes only.
  • Study rooms may not be used for student club meetings or instructor office hours.
  • Library faculty and staff reserve the right to enter any study room for security, maintenance, or other reasons.

Expected Student Behavior:

  • Hushed volume since rooms are not soundproof; door must be closed while room is in use.
  • Equipment must remain plugged in.
  • Furniture stays in the room during use, and additional furniture cannot be added.
  • One light must remain on at all times.
  • Room key must remain in the Library and be returned on time.
  • Personal items cannot be left unattended. Staff is not responsible for items left behind and may place unattended items in lost and found at the Reserves Desk.
  • No food of any kind, and library-friendly beverage containers only (no open containers).
  • No litter. Trash cans are not provided in study rooms, so please discard any trash outside the library.
  • Door must be closed upon exiting the study room.

Effective 11/19/18

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